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    كيف تقوم طرق تدريس اللغة الانجليزية

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    These papers are some views about, one of TEFL new trends, SQ3R. The researcher has some comments about this trend.
    He wishes to introduce them clearly to show his own opinion.
    There are two rules at these papers:-
    1- He who makes no mistakes makes nothing.
    2- Discretion is the better part of valor.
    These two proverbs may guide me as a commentator, a critic and the research and its trend.
    To write a criticism or a critique for a topic or title it is a hard task but it is interesting in fact, by benefiting from mental process and intellectual creativity of this task.
    The researcher will present his own criteria to criticize this new trend SQ3R. Then he will write his own viewpoints and some recommendations as a profit of these papers.

    Finally, the researcher hopes to do his best at these simple papers.

    Text of the research
    When you want to criticize any subject or anything, you must be objective. To be objective, you must write your criticism at the light of some coherent criteria. These criteria must be reasonable and applicable. Further more these criteria must depend on the basics of "Theory and Practice" as a base to write a judge to any subject or title.
    The researcher wrote some criteria to make a judge to SQ3R as a new trend in TEFL and reading skill. The researcher will adapt these abstract ideas to the application of SQ3R in classrooms.
    This application will be as a critique to SQ3R as a new trend in TEFL especially to reading skills.
    * What about the criteria?
    Here they come:-
    1- The modernism of the trend.
    2- The suitability of the trend to the local educational process and environment.
    3- The steps of the method or the trend.
    4- The basic theories of the trend.
    5- The possibility of the application of the trend.
    (How can students benefit from the trend?)
    6- Language areas and skills which this trend can deal with.
    7- Disadvantages & advantages of the trend.
    The researcher thinks that we can criticize SQ3R as a trend in TEFL through the former. After finishing the following steps the researcher will draw a final sketch of his own point of view.
    1- The modernism of the trend:-
    This is the first criterion of the critique but it is an important one.
    More the modernity of the trend is more the importance of this trend. The modernity of SQ3R is available in the trend. First it was developed by Francis Robinson in 1961. Moreover it was renewed by Flemming in 2005. So it is modern trend as it used to develop some reading skills through some steps in the strategy.
    The numbers of researches and thesis in SQ3R are very few.
    They do not cover all reading skills. The researcher found that the steps of SQ3R are very modern in using at classrooms.
    The development of SQ3R as, a trend in enhancing reading skills is a nonstop process. This nonstop process reaches to SQ4R, SQ5R and more. This ensures that SQ3R is full of modernity, authenticity and freshness as independent variable of TEFL researches.
    2- The suitability of the trend to the local educational process and environment:-
    SQ3R as a trend in developing reading skills is very necessary to our local educational process.
    Most of teachers nowadays teach reading through just reading or write some questions on the board as pre or while reading tasks.
    But this trend (SQ3R) provides all the techniques of reading pre , while and after reading tasks.
    The researcher finds also that the educational process needs this trend.
    It's simple, clear and acceptable to our local process and the time of the class.
    3- The steps of the trend :-
    SQ3R as a trend is a very clear and simple system. The system of these steps is very applicable to any teachers and any students. It is suitable to our classrooms.
    The first step (survey) is very important because, when you begin to read, you must start to prepare your mind as a reader and to take an overview about the topic and its pages. It is a principal mental process to make the reader on focus.
    The second step (question) is also wonderful step. At this step we put questions to what we read. This step is used to predict what you will read.
    The third step (read) is the beginning of reading with complete focus trying to answer the formed questions and make your own predictions as a reader and write while reading.
    This step is the main or central step of SQ3R. This is the step which the reader do his efforts while reading and pay his fully attention to do some processes while reading. These processes make your mind full of all information about what you read. It is also may be the kernel of these steps of reading. It is the essence of SQ3R.
    The fourth step of SQ3R is (recite). At this step the reader will try to answer his questions mentally to get information about what he reads. He may also recite questions and imply writing out answers.
    This step may be like falling rocks at drama. It is about reconstruct some ideas and questions about what you read.
    The fifth step is (review). At this step the reader will read the topic as whole through his reconstructing ideas and questions.
    Then the reader will reshape what has been actually read.
    The reader can review his reading through his recognition to questions or phases which he reshapes in his mind or by rewriting some ideas or questions.
    At the end of this summery and comment to these steps we can say some viewpoints:-
    1- The steps can be done or used at classes easily.
    2- The teacher can use these steps at all classes to enhance all reading skills.
    3-The researcher thinks that these steps would be suitable to prep and secondary schools' students as many primary stages students' cannot make questions at our local courses or ordinary levels of English curricula.
    4- These steps must be used as they are S, Q, and 3R not to be shuffled.
    5- The mental operation of every step is concise to all participates of reading process.
    6- It may be suitable to help those who find troubles in reading and cannot find any interesting at ordinary reading.
    7- It has all reading activities pre, while and post activities.
    8- It is used as a study skill.
    9- Any reader can use it for any purpose at reading.
    4- The basic theories of this trend:-
    This trend (SQ3R) is one of reading strategies. The basic base of (SQ3R) is the label of "Active reading strategies". It may be considered as an independent practice or method which can enhance reading skills. It may be based on systematic as this trend can provide income, processes, out come, and feedback.
    It is also based on a mix between a top down and bottom up
    Reading processes.
    5- How can students benefit from SQ3R?
    Students can benefit from (SQ3R) as it is "Student-reader method of analysis". Students can analyze the text, make predictions, ask important questions, read the material reassess prior activities and refute any arguments.
    (SQ3R) develops a lot of mental and intellectual skills beside reading skills.
    6- Language areas and skills which this method can deal with:-
    (SQ3R) can be used with some skills and areas in TEFL like:-
    1- It is a strategy to enhance reading comprehension.
    2- It can develop the different levels of reading such as:-
    A- Literal Reading.
    B- Interpretative Reading.
    C- Critical Reading.
    D- Creative Reading.
    E- Study skill.
    (SQ3R) as strategy can be used to many areas, but in the reading skills. It can be suitable to some thinking skills as it may improve or the style of thinking through reading.
    Nevertheless the following question, Does (SQ3R) important and effective on any other language skill?
    This question may be useful or useless but the answer be the proof.
    7-Advantages & disadvantages of the trend:-
    A- Advantages of (SQ3R):-
    1- It is suitable to all high levels of education. In particular, it may be good to prep schools and up.
    2- It is suitable to all students to do these steps at classes.
    3- It is a systematic method as it may be regular and useful.
    4- The teacher can use it simply in classrooms.
    5- It may enhance motivation to reading.
    6- It is flexible and can be modified to suit the material being read.
    7- It is applicable to outside readings.
    A- Disadvantages of (SQ3R):-
    1- It is probably less useful with textbooks that focus on helping readers solve problems.
    2- It may be less useful in beginning foreign language texts.
    3- It needs much training. As many readers may be confused because of the system of the trend or the strategy.
    Final sketch
    I, as a reader, agree with (SQ3R) as a trend in developing all reading skills.
    Our educational system needs this strategy as the importance of reading at all stages of education. Especially reading is the paved way to all aspects of knowledge. It is the light of any human development at any civilization.
    Clearly I can say that we don not use any specific reading strategy at our classrooms. The only exception is some reading pre-questions.
    We really need any good strategy although all of our curricula are based on CLT strategy. But we must use specific strategy to all skills separately.
    Finally we need this strategy to develop our education at all stages and levels.

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