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    atale of two cities

    weeping eyes

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    atale of two cities

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    A Tale of Two Cities M.3 A.L.
    Ch. 5
    Main Points:
    1.Darnay’s life in England.
    2.Two promises are made.
    3.Dr. Manette loses his memory after Lucie’s marriage.
    4.Lucie feels pity towards Carton
    1.Describe Darnay’s life after the murder of his uncle.
    He became a successful teacher of French in London. He had loved Lucie from the time when his life was in danger in the old Bailey but he had never spoken to her about his love.
    2.How was Dr. Manette changed?
    He was now strong in body and mind, and sad memories of his long years in prison didn’t come back to him often.
    3.What happened to Dr. Manette after Darnay’s proposal?
    He lost his memory and went back to shoemaking but Lucie was able to relieve him and bring him back to himself.
    4.What did Carton promise Lucie?
    He promised to do anything for her or for anyone close to her. He also said that he was ready to give his life to keep someone she loves alive and close to her.
    5.”There is a man who would give his life to keep someone you love alive and close to you.” Comment.
    Carton said this to Lucie when he went to her and confessed his love towards her. He promised her that he was ready to give up his life for her and for anyone that she loved.
    6.What does Carton’s promise foreshadow?
    It foreshadows the great sacrifice Carton would make at the end of the novel as he’ll be executed instead of Darnay so as to let Lucie live happily with her husband.
    7. What happened to Dr. Manette after his daughter’s marriage?
    He lost his memory. He remembered nothing except his old days when he used to work as a shoemaker. For 9 days he remembered nothing about his present and couldn’t even recognize Mr. Lorry or Miss Pross.
    8. “Oh, What shall we do? He doesn’t know me and is making shoes again.”
    Miss Pross said this to Mr. Lorry when Dr. Manette had lost his memory after Lucie’s marriage. Miss Pross was troubled and didn’t know what to do or what to say to Lucie.
    * What did Carton confess to Lucie?

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